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  Limited Edition Series
The Concept behind LIULI’s Limited Edition Series’
 — the spirit of eternal creation.

On the underside of each LIULI creation is a number engraved by a diamond-tipped tool, for example 68/2750.  This means that it is the 68th piece of a 2750 piece series.

Why did we choose to limit our production?  By offering limited editions, we are restricting market saturation and forcing ourselves to continuously create new work.

Before any Liuli work hits the market, it goes through an extensive 6 - 8 month process including design, planning and creation - an incalculable investment.  If the response to the final product is wildly favorable and sells out, like Let’s Loudly Sing a Song in Chorus or Life Eternal, the edition must be marked as no longer available.

In LIULI’s romantic ideals, “Liuli” is intrinsically linked to learning and awareness.  It is a form of conscience and self-control.  If one becomes arrogant, it’s easy to forget the impermanence and the fragility of life.  A creation void of compassion, the human spirit will be lack of soul.

The idea of profit guiding production is completely against LIULI’s “creation spirit” and “the super ego”.  Since 1987, the soul of LIULI sits calm in the chaotic and competitive market, and aware forever without regrets.


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