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Before use of LIULI (hereinafter referred as “We”)'s website ( (herein after referred as ”Website”), please read the following Terms of Use (hereinafter referred as "TOU") carefully. The use of our Website shall be subject to the TOU. We reserve the right to update the TOU from time to time at our discretion without notice to you. We’ll post all the changes on the Website. If you don’t agree the TOU, please stop using our Website, otherwise, any use of our Website will be deemed accepted.

1.Copyright and Trademark Right

We reserve the copyright, trademark right and other rights of all contents on our Website. We also reserve all rights of our trademark, service trademark, business name, image and domain name. Any modification or use of information obtained from the Website without our express consent might infringe our copyright, trademark rights and all other rights. This Website is for browse only, without obtaining our prior written consent, it is prohibited to duplicate, copy, resell, upload, repost, deliver or distribute all the materials contained in our Website in any way.

2. Disclaimer and Limitations

All information on the Website is provided AS IS without any expressed or implied warranty or guarantee as to its non-infringement, safety, accuracy, applicability for certain purpose or free of virus. We reserve the right to modify the Website or cancel user’s access to our Website at any time at our discretion. All risk incurred from using for our Website will be borne by the user.  We, include any party who represent us to setup, provide and deliver service or who is in relation to our Website, shall not be liable for any damage or loss whatsoever, whether indirectly, special, accidental, punitive, consequentially or otherwise, caused by the use of the Website.
The information you provide when log on our Website or ask for help via email shall be protected by our privacy statement. Nevertheless, your comments, opinions, standpoints, thoughts, concepts, techniques, knowledge and other suggestions would not deem confidential by us, we can use all these information by appropriate method. For more information, please check our privacy statement on our Website.

3. Link on the Website

Our Website may contain links to other websites and we shall not be liable for their effectiveness or the information provided on those websites. The links provided on our Website or information, products or service of others referred by us doesn’t mean we agree with such websites or their content. Any questions or suggestions to these websites, please contact their server administrator directly. Do not provide the linkage of our Website on other website without our prior consent.

4. No Waiver

The failure to enforce any part of these TOU shall not constitute a waiver of any of our rights hereunder for past or future actions.

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