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        Twenty Year History


When creating her latest flower series in 2006, Loretta Hui-shan Yang removed all traces of color from her work.  What she remained was a pure and transparent vision.  The series debuted at Leo Kaplan Modern in New York in 2007 with Proof of Awareness, an oversized and colorless blooming peony, garnering widespread acclaim.

To Loretta Yang, the oversized flowers of Proof of Awareness are an exhibition of clarity, representing her life reflections and the next stage of her creative journey.  In Zen and Buddhist philosophies, all suffering is caused by the existence of impermanence.  To experience the concepts of “emptiness” and “nonexistence” is much more important and create compassion in reaction to the suffering in life.  This is a school of thought distinctive of Oriental artists.  Loretta Hui-shan Yang’s work combines the impact of Zen ideas on life, allowing her to stand out in sea of Western artists and affect others with her sensibilities.

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