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        Twenty Year History


Since in 1987,
Flower is constant theme in Loretta Hui-shan Yang’s work.
Because of flower’s beauty and blossom, the cycle of flower life is the most unique and extraordinary force in this living world, especially its gesture and color are showing so brilliant.
It spells the co-dependence between nature and flower.
Loretta Hui-shan Yang employs pâte-de-verre to expresses the most beautiful elements of the flower.
It reveals the composure and harmony in everyday life,

From the beginning of
The Flowers are Beautiful and the Moon is Full series in 1998,
To the 2004 Capazza Galerie exhibition in France,
To the acquisition of Proof of Awareness by
The renowned Corning Museum of Glass in 2007
And its prominent placement in the aforementioned museum,
The Flowers are Beautiful and the Moon is Full
Is a series consistently in the international spotlight.

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