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Second Vow Life Lessons
Second Vow of the Medicine Buddha-20 Year Retrospective of Loretta Hui-shan Yang's Buddhist Creations Second Great Wish
In the beginning, there was a single face that spoke of mortal compassion and dignity.Liuligongfang was established in 1987.
Loretta Hui-shan Yang's first piece was a bust of Buddha.
This culpture became known as the Second Vow of the Medicine Buddha.

For a film actor who had no prior training in sculpture,Loretta Yang determinedly went to work by the gully of her modest workshop and began sculpting with a ball of clay in hand.Thinking back, creating a visage that emanated compassion and wisdom was her only thought.

This first sculpture led to a subsequent three hundred plus Buddhist figures in a span of twenty years.
Second Great Wish