Liuli Wonderland

Each flower in the garden is a pair of life's wings

Paradiesgärtlein - a medieval painting by an unknown artist, in this garden of blooming florals and lush grash, it is said that at least eighteen types of flora are represented here, as well as thirteen birds including Butterflies, dragonflies. In this space, Is this an ode to heaven? Is the ambiance the key? Or perhaps an imagination from spiritual world? We may never know the answer but through each colorful brushstroke, we certainly can feel the artist's anticipation of a tranquil good.

The artist's garden
is where the spirit can leave the present
and be transported into a tranquil dream.

Floral themes run through Liuligongfang's body of work. Each liuli flower is a contemplation of life representing our hope and passion for life; it is a space between past and present, a treasured space of the now. We observe flowers with thought and insight. Through light and material, each bloom in the wonderland of the liuli garden.

Here, within light and the space, the imagination has the space to expand. Over Liuligongfang’s last thirty-five years, each flower in the liuli garden is created to enrich and nurture the human heart.

Joyously, Swimmingly
300x180x255 mm

The Original Source
278x180x370 mm

Cloudy Peaks Alight
435x330x365 mm

Cotton Rose Spring
280x120x375 mm

Orchid in the Ravine
490×160×440 mm

To the


Each flower in the garden is

A pair of life's wings

To Gaze upon a LIULI Flower
Is to come face to face with your soul

In everbloom, the cattleya orchid with petals bowing down and intoxicating nectar, cascades into a pool of concentrated happiness, creating a space where all worries are forgotten. Like a stream winding through the mountains, nectar runs through the body to the heart.

Liuligongfang hopes for this sweet blossom to fill all hearts with sweet tranquility. “Queen of orchids”, the cattleya is vibrant in color and opulent in scale. Liuligongfang's queen orchid is a sweet reminder to cherish every beautiful emotion in the now. May life forever be like the cattleya, vibrant and passionate, sweet and joyous.
[+] [-]

Entering the depths of a liuli flower is not unlike pulling open the curtains of the deepest forest. At first glance, a mountain is a mountain, water is water. At next glance, mountain and water are not what it seem. Nevertheless, it is that mountain, it is that water.

The Original Source
Limited 350

Receive and carry light

Through the waterfall, cloud and mist - the grand hibiscus.Coloring the landscape, are there flowers in the mountain or is there a mountain in the flowers? The hibiscus blooms at dawn and diminshes at sunset. In the daytime, when the sun is at its highest, the hibiscus' bloom extends the fullest. With great effort it grows, breaking from all confines, creating its own piece of sky. Full of joy and blessings, the hibiscus brings beauty and warmth to all. [+] [-]

Chaser of the sun, the hibiscus harnesses its power and offers its nourishment to all flora. The hibiscus has turned itself into a carrier of light. Liuligongfang has chosen it in hopes for this beautiful hibiscus to meet another admirer of light - you.

Cloudy Peaks Alight
Limited 150

Receive this butterfly orchid and
recognize that you do not need to fear
difficulty but are capable of meeting
it with determination and courage.

The butterfly orchid is said to be a harbinger of fortune. Each flower in the liuli wonderland harbors a unique brand of vitality. On the crystal clear chiseled mountainside, a butterfly orchid blooms - is it an illusion, a dream? This is a celebration of life's strength and wonders. Receive this butterfly orchidand like the moment a butterfly breaks from its cocoon, its magnificent confidence.

Orchid in the Ravine
Limited 88

Practice transparency,
practice joining inside with out
to become a better you.

In the valley, a stream moves with intent, with joy, creating floral blooms in the water, like clusters of cotton rose blossoms. Maintain transparency inside and out like the cotton rose blooming atop the mountain spring. The cotton rose is drawn to water.

Pure and elegant, even the autumn frost shys in its wake. In high polish, liuli waves accentuate the vertical mountain rise, while the cotton rose bloom extends elegantly upward. Intentionally void of color, Liuligongfang chose the cotton rose for its minimalist purity. We must be intentional in creating blank spaces in our busy lives. Like the transparency of liuli, like the water spray of a mountain spring, practice become one with yourself to become a better you.

Cotton Rose Spring
Limited 210

What remains constant is
the energy generated by life.
With it, inspire and leap forth in unity.
A floral bloom is cause for celebration

Move toward a common goal, swim in the same direction,deliver a constant flow of nergy that coaxes flowers into bloom. Up and up, work together, offer encouragement, and bear witness to the magnificent peony bloom. No wonder the peony is referred to as “the king of flowers”. [+] [-]

Gift this flower to someone in your life that inspires friendship, partnership and good times. The peony is lively and brilliant, it manifests beauty through its opulent bloom. This is a blessing for a rewarding and prosperous future.

Joyously, Swimmingly
Limited 400

In a world where light and shadow ebb and flow,
a liuli flower wonderland is born.
Here, each liuli flowers shows us the light of life.
With clarity, they illuminate the heart and comfort the world.

To Continuously Create Art for the Good of the Heart