In Preparation for
Each and Every Floral Bloom
Each Bloom Holds a Secret not to be Taken Lightly

If you were to take life's shining moments and reimagined them as flowers, then all your efforts would amount to a fertile landscape with abundant sunlight and nourishing water. Life is full our moments out of our control but perhaps flowers can offer a respite from everyday life. Perhaps if

we hold onto the idea of a floral wonderland,
then we will hold on to the shining moments
and nurture them to full bloom.

Journey of the Kun
200x95x173 mm

Packed with Confidence
113x64x155 mm

Big Leaps Forward
100x85x175 mm

Tune into Good
220x140x285 mm

Journey of the Kun
200x95x173 mm

The greatest blessing
is a flower in bloom

From its blowhole, the whale releases a floral spray, opening a space for all things good.

Allow this messenger from the liuli wonderland to take you along its journey! No matter where you are, no matter what the season, welcome the proliferation of life through floral blooms as they open toward you in a warm embrace. [+] [-]

The whale’s song heralds the journey to the liuli wonderland. Put aside your worries, open your heart and embrace these blooming flowers, these messengers of joy and blessings!

Journey of the Kun
Limited 1220

Good Mood
Fill each day with good

The sound of blessings - hear the flowers bloom Laughter, song, blessings, greetings. Human interaction is the communication of emotion. A specific sound, a flower, blessings in different forms weave together like a floral crown. There are so many beautiful sounds to look forward to, so many beautiful sounds that heal the soul. [+] [-]

Good News Relay
Hollyhock blooms in June, coinciding with the barley harvest, conveying the joy of a bountiful crop. This flower is for you - may every sound that reaches your ears be the celebratory song of a fruitful harvest. Fill your day with joy and happiness - and pass that feeling on to others. Like a childhood rhyme, like weaving a floral crown, pass the time carefree without

Tune into Good
Limited 580

Big Leaps Forward
Face life's views with positivity

Some say if you were to trace all the footsteps you have taken in your life, it would form the unique constellation of your life. Joy can be simple. Each little moment can be wondrous. Step lightly with joy for each step leaves a flower in its wake. [+] [-]

each step bridges the gap between dream and reality. A closed heart must reopen and rediscover life in order to appreciate the beauty life has to offer. A spring breeze blows through March, accompanying you as flowers bloom underfoot. It is a state of readiness. In this marathon of life, one needs a good pair of shoes and a curious and adventurous heart. Take with you on your journey this liuli flower, the March spring, and boundless vitality.

Big Leaps Forward
Limited 2200

Everyday is full of confidence
sort out your thoughts,
Be readyat moment's notice.

Life is busy but take the time to take care of what brings you joy. Close the door on internal conflict and give your mind the space to be. Fill it with confident days, fill it with happiness. [+] [-]

A spontaneous trip does not require planning. Like the camellia, it is to go forward fearlessly, it is the journey itself, the story made en route. The camellia suitcase represents the heart on a journey, filling the future with curiosity and anticipation. Take this camellia from Liuligongfang and attach it to your suitcase. As a warm and beautiful token, it it a blessing for your path to be filled with flowers.

Packed with Confidence
Limited 2500

LIULIGONGFANG's Eastern aesthetic often incorporates heritage imagery including the ding, dragon, phoenix, mythical beasts, and philosophical connotations. But it is not unlike us to step outside of the box. Drawing from everyday objects and fantastical flowers of our imagination, we have created a unique and eye-catching series.

Life is what you make it.
It comes from the heart,
it comes from perspective.

Take this floral suitcase on a spiritual journey. Put on a pair of liuli shoes and fly! Drown out the noise with these headphones and focus on your heartbeat. Like the whale, sing your own song.

To Continuously Create Art for the Good of the Heart