Renowned for their expansive collection of  art and craft and impeccable eye for design, the Victoria & Albert Museum  welcome Loretta Hui-shan Yang as Founder and Pioneer of contemporary Chinese Liuli art to "China Design Now".  Featured are the Liuli bar and lantern stools from TMSK Restaurant, Xin Tian Di.




Loretta Hui-shan Yang's "Proof of Awareness - Contemporary Liuli Art" exhibition at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.




LIULI donates 100% of the proceeds of sales of the large scale pieces "Between Heaven and Earth" and "Amitabha" to victims of China's 512 earthquake.




Loretta Hui-shan Yang designs the "Harmonious Realization" tea set for the National Center for the Performing Art's presentation of the opera "Tea".    Composed by Tan Dun, and directed by Jiang Qing, "Tea" was a cultural feature of the 2008 Olympic Games.  This marks the first appearance of Liuli on Beijing's National Center for the Performing Arts' stage.


"One Bubble, Two Souls", a joint exhibition featuring Steven Weinberg and Loretta Hui-shan Yang debuts at Paragon Shopping Centre, Singapore.